My approach differ form most of the companies in respect off pest control. I have personal supervision on work done. A compiled report is drafted on completion of each service. This report will give you an indication on; the global pest problem in your facility, measures to combat pest problem and suggestions to improve hygiene. I work on a pro active pest control management system.

Goggo Pest Control provides the client with a bundle of documentation required to administer pest control as required by the Department of Health and the Municipalities. These documents are specific for institutions where food is prepared or sold.

The pesticide we apply are SABS approved and environment friendly. There fore not hazardous to humans. It is color less and odorless and can be applied with no immediate threat to humans. It is a broad spectrum pesticide which targets; cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, fish moths, flies, spiders, lice, ants, crickets and all other crawling insects. For rats/mice which it is custom to appear in the store room environment we provide a poison in liquid form to prevent a problem.

In case of a contamination I will provide a service to deal with the pest problem. In this case the rate for the additional service will be clarified with management. We aim to combat the spread of the pest problem immediately.

I would like to support you and cut your expenditures on pest control.